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The Palm Springs Airplane Museum

"Palm Springs Air Museum" - Aviation Museum - Open to the Public - Year 'round!

A Time Capsule Look at the Largest collection of World War II flying aircraft.

The Palm Springs airplane museum showcases the nation's largest collection of vintage military flying aircraft displayed in a time-capsule-like environment in spacious indoor air-conditioned airplane hangars.

The Palm Springs California airplane museum is a popular Palm Springs Vacation and tourist activity and one of the most unique specialty museums in all of Southern California.

Open daily to the public, the Palm Springs WW2 airplane museum is located on the east side of the Palm Springs Airport at 745 N. Gene Autry Trail. The museum features a theatre that plays documentaries daily about aviation in the military with a special focus on World War II aircraft. One of the most popular Palm Springs vacation and tourist attractions, the air museum is visited by about 100,000 guests a year.

Palm Springs Air Museum

Air Museum Location/Address:

745 North Gene Autry Trail
Palm Springs, CA 92262-5464
Phone (760) 778-6262


Open 7 days a week
Hours: 10:00 am until 5:00 pm. daily
Closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and February 13, 2016

Cost of Admission:

Adults - $16.00 (ages 18-65)

Seniors - $14 (Over 65)

Youth -  $14 (ages 13-17)

Children - $9.00 (ages 6-12)

Family - $35.00 (2 adults + 3 children (ages 6-12)

Family - $45.00 (2 adults + 3 children (ages 13-17)

Retried Military with ID - $14.00

Children age 5 and under - Free

Active Military with ID and their immediate family - Free

About the Museum 

The Palm Springs Air Museum is an enlightening and educational museum dedicated to the restoration, preservation and operation of America's legendary fighters, bombers and trainers.

The airplane museum contains one of the world's largest collections of flying WWII airplanes, including the Robert J. Pond Collection. You can experience the roar of the "mightiest piston engines ever built."

Visitors here are invited to climb into some of the cockpits of some of the legendary fighter and bombers aircraft of World War II.

This museum offers Palm Springs Visitors a unique opportunity to view up close the actual planes that won the war that made important world and American history.

Group Guided Tours

Pre-arranged scheduled group tours are accommodated any day of the week between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. Knowledgeable docents, many of whom are veterans and former pilots, are available to conduct fully escorted tours. The average length of time for these guided and escorted tours is between one and one half hours to two hours.

If you'd like your group's guided tour to include a movie at the Palm Springs Air Museum, the tour length runs up to 3 to three and one half hours.

Planning Your Group Tour:

If you'd like to arrange a tour, please note that the minimum tour group size is 15. For more information or to schedule a group guided tour at the Palm Springs Air Museum, please phone the Museum office at (760) 778-6262, Ext. 241 or e-mail:

Self Guided Tours for Individuals, Families

Providing flexibility for you and your group (small or large, or individuals or families), unscheduled and unguided tours can be accommodated daily from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

School and Youth Tours:

The Palm Springs Air Museum is dedicated to honoring the veterans of WWII, but also in educating children about WWII history. The museum acts as a very unique time capsule from the past. It is a place where you will find rare vintage aircraft that are still maintained in flying condition today.

Youth tour groups are guided through the museum on an exciting journey through the history, science, and technology that make up our aircraft.

Along with our guided tours we also provide young people with a hands-on lesson in the science that makes flight possible and offer them the chance to experience what it is actually like to be in the cockpit with our flight simulators.

School and youth tours are available for groups of 10 to 40 between the hours of 10:00am and 3:00 pm on tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between September and June. Two weeks advance notice is requested/required. For more information, please call 760-778-6262, Ext. 241 or email:

Palm Springs Air Museum Hours:

Open seven days a week, from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm.
Closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and February 13, 2016.

Museum Location:

Palm Springs Air Museum
745 North Gene Autry Trail
Palm Springs, CA 92262-5464
Phone (760) 778-6262 Palm Springs Air Museum

Located on the north side of the Palm Springs Airport, the Air Museum is housed in an impressive structure that includes the two main display halls and hangars, theatre, gift shop, ramp and airport access for flight demonstrations and visiting planes, research library, simulator and education center.

Located on Gene Autry Trail, 745 N Gene Autry Trail, Palm Springs, Ca., 92262, 3 miles south of Interstate Ten (I-10), on the east side Palm Springs Ca Airport.


A Popular Tourist Point of Interest
in the Palm Springs Area

Here at the Palm Springs Airplane Museum you can enjoy getting an up-close view of aerial history inside enormous, air-conditioned hangers, and afterwards watch a movie in the Buddy Rogers Theater at the Palm Springs Air Museum.

Also, after your tour and movie, you may want to visit the gift shop at the Palm Springs Air Museum, filled with a variety of airplane-themed souvenirs.

In addition to historic and well-preserved aircraft, the museum is home to a library of 6,300 books, magazines and other printed material related to aviation and American military history.

Featuring extensive displays, the museum also sponsors Saturday commemorative educational programs for Palm Springs area visitors that sometimes include exhibition flights of historic US military airplanes.

Rides for Sale!

Every Saturday from November 1 through May 31, Palm Springs plane Rides offers Biplane Rides for Sale, weather permitting. Rides can be purchased at the Palm Springs Air Museum gift shop for $150.00 for a 15 minute ride. Rides are on a first come, first served basis, no reservations necessary. Contact Pilot Tom Ackland at (760)574-3644.

Memorial Day Flower Drop from the Sky at Palm Springs Air Museum

The Palm Springs Airplane Museum will drop 3,000 carnations from the sky on May 25, 2015, this year, from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm. at the Air Museum located at 745 N Gene Autry Trail in Palm Springs.

Family friendly activities for the whole family start at 10:00 am at The Museum. The flower drop honors who lost their life defending our country. White and red carnations are dropped from a vintage in-flight aircraft from the sky to honor US Veterans.

White carnations honor those who fought in WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

Red carnations are in honor of those who died in more recent conflicts including the Persian Gulf, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Vintage Airplane Flight:
A vintage B-25 Mitchell Bomber will drop the flowers on the Palm Springs Air Museum tarmac behind the museum. 

Saturday Flights of Vintage Airplanes

Air Museum features actual in-air flight exhibitions and demonstrations of historic WW2 aircraft! A great family-friendly activity, you can see these historic and operational WW2 mightly flying and fighting machines in mid air.

For information about the next scheduled flight exhibition at the Palm Springs Air Museum, please phone (760)778-6262. 

Ideal Climate for Displaying and Preserving Airplanes

The warm and dry desert climate provides great conditions for preserving planes, and this impressive collection of historic planes is a Palm Springs landmark and top tourist attraction.

Special events are held frequently at the Palm Springs Air Museum and include air shows featuring the WWII-era aircraft, children's activities and lectures, often presented by the men and women who have either flown similar planes in the past or know people who did.

Aircraft on Exhibit at the Museum:

Here's a list of aircraft on display at the Palm Springs Air Museum in Palm Springs California:

  • F4F Wildcat (Grumman)
  • F6F Hellcat (Grumman)
  • F7F Tigercat (Grumman)
  • F8F Bearcat+ (Grumman)
  • TBF/TBM Avenger+ (Grumman)
  • F4U Corsair+ Chance Vought
  • C-1A COD Transport+ (Grumman)
  • F-14 Tomcat* (Grumman)
  • Grumman OA-13/G-21 Goose
  • Piper L-4A/J3 Cub Grasshopper+
  • Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydet+
  • Douglas C-47 Dakota+
  • McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom*
  • McDonnell Douglas F-18 Hornet*
  • Consolidated PBY Catalina+
  • Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress+
  • Bell P-63 Kingcobra+
  • North American B25 Mitchell+
  • Douglas SBD Dauntless
  • Republic P-47 Thunderbolt+
  • North American P51 Mustang+
  • Douglas A-26/JD1 (B26) Invader+
  • Curtiss P-40 Warhawk+
  • Supermarine Spitfire+
  • Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon+
  • North American AT-6/SNJ Texan+
  • General Dynamics F-16 Falcon*
  • Grumman A6 Intruder*
  • Douglas A4 Skyhawk*
  • Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star+

The Airplane Museum in Palm Springs, Calif.

745 North Gene Autry Trail
Palm Springs, CA 92262
Phone (760) 778-6262

Website: Palm Springs Air Museum Website

Featuring extensive displays, the museum also sponsors Saturday commemorative educational programs for Palm Springs area visitors that sometimes include exhibition flights of historic US military airplanes. For information about the next scheduled flight exhibition at the Palm Springs Air Museum, please phone (760)778-6262.

As a special treat to visitors on the exhibition days, museum visitors can experience the distinctive sights and sounds that made world history.

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