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Palm Springs Vacation Rental Guest Reviews

Home Away From Home
(4 of 5 Stars)

"It is a nice private home on a corner lot. I like the little guest house and the yard is beautiful. It would be nice to have a fire pit like some of the other homes have."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Casa La Mesa

by Sari L. | Seattle, WA |

Sophisticated And Comfortable!
(5 of 5 Stars)

"The condo felt home-like and was stylishly decorated. The kitchen was amazingly equipped - as if the owners actually spend quite a bit of time there and are cooks. The property grounds were taken care of very well and are beautiful and lush. The condo is very close to the tennis courts and a few of the pools. We would definitely rent it again. The information about the bathrooms on the website is outdated since the condo was remodeled - the condo no longer has a bath tub. It might also be useful to mention that both showers have the rain-type shower heads. With little kids, this was difficult for bathing them and washing their hair. Your service was top-notch! I was very impressed! And your website has tons of useful information on it. Thank you!"

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Elegant Oasis Vacation Condo

by Ashley B. | San Francisco, CA |

Home From Home
(4 of 5 Stars)

"Oasis Escape Condo was an ideal place to spend a week enjoying Palm Springs. The condo was home from home, even the mattress and pillows were comfortable. I would certain recommend the place to any of our friends.The gardens were an Oasis, so colourful and tidy. Would be nice to have a better light outside on the terrace. Every member of staff that I dealt with was helpful and pleasant."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Oasis Escape Condo

by Paul B. | Okogoks, BC |

Perfect Summer Vacation House
(5 of 5 Stars)

"8 of us freinds enjoyed our stay between April 20-24, 2012. We came up to Palm Springs, CA for Coachella. The house was perfect. There is a Albertsons grocery store just around the corner which is great. The pool and hot tub was perfect. We never had any problems with the house (didn't have to call anybody). The neighborhood is nice and quiet. I would recommend this website to freinds and family. I will definietly use this website on my next stay in Palm Springs, CA. The service team was good. We had no complaints about our stay."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Sun Salutation

by Navdeep D. | Surrey, BC |

(4 of 5 Stars)

"Everything was comfortable and worked well. It was a nice gesture to have a welcome basket on arrival. My only suggestion would be to remove personal items from the house such as photo albums, clothing, etc. There were some 'junk' drawers in the living room, kitchen and bedroom which could be cleared out. Also, keep the walking wardrobe upstairs in the loft cleared so that it can be fully used as a bedroom. I'd definitely recommend, though, It really was a nice and functional property. Everyone was attentive and helpful when needed."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Sunflower Vacation Retreat

by Zlata M. | New York, NY |

Home Away From Home
(5 of 5 Stars)

"Excellent location in the subdivision. Nice comfortable, clean well kept condo. Underground parking a big plus. I received nice polite service from everyone at Vacation Palm Springs. Yes Absolutely"

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Deauville Vacation Condo

by John C. | Las Cruces, NM |

Updated And Comfortable
(3 of 5 Stars)

"Fully renovated and modernized. A comfortable space. Might advise guests that this property seemed to be under the flight path of the airport and gets noise from that. Good service from Nate and Cesar at the office, and Kelly our property manager prior to and once we were in."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Sunflower Condo

by David G. | Toronto, ON |

Fantastic Palm Springs Getaway
(4 of 5 Stars)

"The house was very clean, comfy, and well appointed. The pool area was awesome--plenty of sunny and shady spots to cater to various people's needs. And the rafts/floats/noodles were a great discovery when we first checked in. The website is very good, the staff is very helpful, and the price of our house was reasonable, especially considering how much we all enjoyed staying there. The reservation team was very helpful and friendly. I had to call a couple times before we arrived in Palm Springs to iron out some details, and they were very efficient in helping me do so. Plus, the website is very good, the staff is very helpful, and the price of our house was reasonable, especially considering how much we all enjoyed staying there."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Contemporary Vacation Retreat

by Sarah D. | San Francisco, CA |

1 Week Family Stay
(3 of 5 Stars)

"Although the home is a bit "tired" and could do with some upgardes in the kitchen and bathrooms it is laid out very well and has a good setup for a family stay where separate bathrooms and bedrooms are needed. Also the living room is a great "conversation" area. Nice views from the front yard. Nate was good about following up to make sure everything was satisfactory."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Palm Springs Vintage Villa

by Steve B. | Palm Springs, CA |

(5 of 5 Stars)

"Very clean, ready for guests, controls centrally located for pool, spa, lights...nice clean rooms. It was pretty fantastic. Very polite and helpful staff. We recommend for sure."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Vista Morocco

by Marc A. | Los Angeles, CA |

Repeat Performance
(4 of 5 Stars)

"My sister, cousins, and I have been coming to Palm Springs for a "women's retreat" in April for ten years now. This is our second year at Good Vibrations. And certainly not our last. LOVED the new paint (especially getting rid of the black bathroom) and the updates to the kitchen. LOVED the color orange accented everywhere in Palm Springs. LOVED that the gardener and the pool maintenance we done and gone by the time we returned from the gym and spa every morning. Last year we enjoyed the pool and yard during the day, then went out every night. This year we stayed in and I did the cooking. I was pleased with the well appointed kitchen (although I did bring my own knives) and the awesome barbeque. The only thing the kitchen lacked was a food processor, but I managed to make a decent pesto and hummus in the blender. We enjoyed renting and watching movies on the large tv and spreading out in the spacious front room. Leather can feel kind of sterile sometimes, but we found great blankets in the closet to cuddle up in. Same routine planned for next year (in the same house, of course): cook at home and enjoy the house in the evenings. We're already looking forward to next year. We talked about less expensive places to stay, but finally conceded that we are now pool snobs and love having the privacy of this beautiful backyard and pool all to ourselves. Thanks for another awesome vacation!! See you next year! PLEASE do something about that slider!!! It was bad last year, but ridiculous this year. We finally resorted to going out of our way through the garage and kitchen doors just because it was easier on us. And an inexpensive bathroom scale would be nice to help us distribute our belongings in our bags before we get to the airport. Can you just 'feel' what 50 pounds weighs? We couldn't. Big shout out to Nate. We were only in the house for four hours, were leaving for dinner and realized we locked outselves out. He had a spare key to us by the time we returned from dinner. Vacation Palm Springs just has a top notch staff all around and I've experienced superior customer service in all of my correspondence or phone conversations with them. Recommend them absolutely. Without hesitation. We do it all the time. -Cassandra Nicholson | Kent, WA"

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Good Vibrations

by Cassandra N. | Kent, WA |

Good Times!
(4 of 5 Stars)

"This is a fun house. Plenty of room for a dozen or more people to enjoy both privacy and community. The reservation team is why I keep coming back! Always so helpful and knowledgeable. And if someone doesn't know an answer, they swiftly find the person who does! We only had a couple minor house issues, and when we did, the property managers took care of us immediately - even when we needed something after midnight! These people bring their "A game" 24/7."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Royal Sun Villa

by Timothy L. | Glendale, CA |

Cool, Mod, Clean
(5 of 5 Stars)

"Beautiful artwork. Reto cool furniture. Fully stocked with all the amenities. Can't think of anything to make it better. Just perfect as is. Service and communication was tops with this rental agency."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Cool Canyon Classic

by Janet K. | Springville, CA |

Sassy Casa
(5 of 5 Stars)

"Had a great trip. It was easy and enjoyable. The house was great and the pool was used morning, noon and night. The team worked with me to ensure a wonderful trip. They answered all of my questions."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Casa Bonita

by Elizabeth S. | San Francisco, CA |

Fantastic Experience
(5 of 5 Stars)

"Everything was incredible. Everything was incredible - service was spot on and timely."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Midcentury Wexler Vacation Retreat

by Kevin K. | Tena Fly, NY |

Luxurious Comfort
(5 of 5 Stars)

"Pool and hot tub were wonderful. Great space - beautiful surroundings. Property managers and reservationists here - hey were very helpful. Thanks!"

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Early California Style

by Melissa P. | San Francisco, 94133 |

The House Is One In A Million!
(5 of 5 Stars)

"It's like taking a step back in time to 1937. The house is such a gem. Vacation Palm Springs is very cooperative, and everyone is so nice. it was just wonderful. I was very happy at the property~ I'm coming back!"

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Enchanted Hideaway

by Stanley P. | Chicago, IL |

Great House
(5 of 5 Stars)

"Great neutral home, with good speakers and entertainment center! Pool was small, but perfect and in the sun all day. Close to the concert venue, too far to walk (in the sun), too close to drive, perfect for a bike ride. Pam was great!"

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Indian Palms Vacation Home

by Ryan C. | Venice, CA |

(5 of 5 Stars)

"plenty of space to sleep, quiet home, great pool, great design of home, nice to not to have to clean the sheets/towels since cleaning service option. The garbage disposal: Couldn't get it to work, sink kept clogging on right side of dual kitchen sink, suggest getting it fixed. Pool/ Spa Heating: Recommend upon arrival for guest to start heating process, directions were clear but we didn't realize how long it would take to heat spa. great service - easy reservation - booking"

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Midcentury Wexler Vacation Retreat

by April M. | San Diego, CA |

(5 of 5 Stars)

"Everything - the house and experience - was perfect reservation. Nothing could have been done to make it better than what it was, very satisfied. i already have recommended. Everthing was perfect did not have to contact any one they had already done thier job."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Upscale Luxury Tuscany

by John M. | Burlington, Ontario |

Desert Oasis
(5 of 5 Stars)

"The layout of the property was absolute perfection for entertaining and enjoying. The open kitchen, garden landscaping relaxation locations and huge outdoor covered patio. The decor was classic and perfect for the layout and PS mood. The neighborhood was perfect for all - we walked to dinner with ease. We hardly left the house. Didn't need to...the mountain and gardens were amazing. We bought soap, shampoo and conditioner for two of the three bathrooms...we assumed it'd have them. Lotion would be a bonus. As would pool towels. All else was very well appointed. Thank you Sergio for the recommendation, patience and care. Justin and Scott were fabulous too. Truly, a caring, attentive and lovely team - just made the weekend all that more enjoyable."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Tennis Club Oasis

by Larkin H. | Marina Del Rey, CA |

Paseo Review
(5 of 5 Stars)

"house was beautiful, secluded, cute, nice landscaping. good service. helpful & patient."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Paseo

by Ashley C. | Hermosa Beach, CA |

Tony Curtis House
(4 of 5 Stars)

"It was a good house - baths and bedrooms were good as well as kitchen and living area. Sergio was great and very helpful."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: The Tony Curtis Estate

by Jonelle W. | La Mesa, CA |

Groovy Cool!
(5 of 5 Stars)

"We loved the design of the house and the decorations. Some of the artwork in the living room was a bit risque for a house with young children. They were nice and helpful - as for during the stay I only received one quick visit from someone reminding us of the noise ordinance."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Sun-Time Villa

by Nancy M. | Berwyn, PA |

Amazing Outdoor Space
(5 of 5 Stars)

"We had a large group of women stay at the home for a bachelorette party. Our draw to the house was the amazing outdoor space, and it did not disappoint. We spent most of our time in the backyard - eating, tanning, swimming, sitting in the jacuzzi, watching the tv, sitting by the fire, etc. The home interior was fine. Charming, but the bathrooms were a tad dated. Because the outdoor space in this home had all the bells and whistles, it was a little high-tech. However, there were no instructions whatsoever on how to work the outdoor tv, jets, fountains, etc. We spent quite a bit of time searching for the various remotes and controls, and then learning how to use them. We really could have used some basic instructions or signs! Great service. We experienced some issues with the jacuzzi water levels and a light fixture, and Nate had someone come right away to make the necessary repairs and adjustments."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Serene Escape

by Tamina M. | West Hollywood, CA |

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