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Palm Springs Vacation Rental Guest Reviews

Pictures Do Not Do It Justice
(5 of 5 Stars)

"The house is amazing, all updated furniture, extremely clean, HUGE HUGE HUGE. Backyard is great, extremely private, pool was nice. No complaints whatsoever."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Sunny Elegance

by Jennifer D. | Sacramento, CA |

A Cabin In The Desert, Ultra Private
(4 of 5 Stars)

"I love the privacy of the property, especially around the pool.Very quiet neighborhood too. Also, liked the secure parking behind the gate for you car."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Enchanted Hideaway

by Carolyn C. | Long Beach, CA |

A Great Weekend
(4 of 5 Stars)

"My full experience was great. Everything was clean and there was a fairly good amount of detail paid to documentation of how to use the applicances in the house. The Boss speakers do not work properly and we couldn't figure out how to turn the outside speakers. We could not figure out what was the key to the towel closet even though it sometimes opened when pulled. (Thank you for the feedback. We have confirmed the indoor speakers are operational, but the outdoor speakers have been disconnected, as Palm Springs City Ordinance prohibits all outdoor music at vacation rental properties. - Tim in Property Management) Reservation was quick and easy. The website was very explicit and easy to navigate as well."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Endless Summer

by Ludiel S. | West Hollywood, California |

Amazing And Relaxing
(5 of 5 Stars)

"The house was amazing. Didn't have trouble with anything. I will probably book the house again next year... :) The property was amazing."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Old World Charm

by Frine P. | Oxnard, CA |

Good Times!!!!
(4 of 5 Stars)

"The property was great! We had a group of girls and everyone had a comfy bed and the pool was amazing! We spent most of our time in an around the pool. The only thing was the toilet paper issue. 9 rolls of toilet paper was not enough. I spoke with Portia and she was great!"

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Lucky Sun

by Giacenta F. | Fallbrook, CA |

Amazing And Perfect Home For A Weekend Getaway!
(5 of 5 Stars)

"i loved how easy it was to rent this house. the pictures were exactly how the house looked. the house was very clean. the beds were comfy and they were enough clean towels and then some. the house had everything anyone could want and more....flat screen tv, wifi, lounge chairs for the pool...etc. i would DEF rent this house again. i loved how easy it was to rent this house. the pictures were exactly how the house looked. the house was very clean. the beds were comfy and they were enough clean towels and then some. the house had everything anyone could want and more....flat screen tv, wifi, lounge chairs for the pool...etc. i would DEF rent this house again. everyone was so helpful and professional. i am going to recommend this site to all my friends. everyone that stayed in the house took business cards to use for the future. also the massage company featured on your site was AMAZING. it was a wonderful weekend...THANK YOU!!!!"

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Sun Villa San Lorenzo

by Boyeon L. | Los Angeles, CA |

The Perfect Fit
(5 of 5 Stars)

"The house was a perfect fit for our large group and young kids (all under age of 5). Everything was equipped for ease and convenience including the kitchen double dishwashers, large washing machine and dryer, stereo system, tons of outside seating, plenty of towels and very large dining room table. We had to call because the alarm was beeping and they were able to easily solve the problem over the phone."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: The Villa Grand

by Beth E. | San Francisco, CA |

Good Times In Palm Springs
(3 of 5 Stars)

"This trip was a guys trip and this house did us well. When we first showed up the pool needed some work and there were no ping pong paddles. I placed a call to the office and within 45 min there was a pool man working on the pool and a delivery of paddles. That night there were about 6 outdoor lights we couldnt get to turn on and the team showed up again and replaced the bulbs (we thought we couldnt find the correct switch). Over all the place was what it says it is and the price was right. The staff was responsive to our needs. The pool is outdated and needs some "love" and attention. I booked online and never dealt with anybody for reservation. When we had issues they (dont recall names) handled it. good service."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Royal Sun Villa

by David L. | Rancho Palos Verdes, CA |

Las Palmas Spectacular Views
(4 of 5 Stars)

"Ideal location; spacious property; tranquil garden. Property needed a little attention to details: Lots of light bulbs not working, air conditioning leaking (now fixed). Property felt like maintenance had been neglected.( Thank you for bringing this to our attention: these items have been repaired) Reservation handled efficiently. Property problems resolved promptly. Yes."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Las Palmas Spectacular Views

by Paul A. | Kingston, Surrey |

Great Property- Large Pool
(5 of 5 Stars)

"The house has a fantastic layout and almost all bedrooms have their own en-suite bathrooms. Both the bedrooms and bathrooms are updated and specifically the bathrooms are very nicely done with marble and new sinks. The pool is large and was very clean (the pool guy came twice in the 5 days we stayed). Our favorite feature was the AC. It worked properly and cooled down the large house nicely in 112F weather."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Sunny Elegance

by Michael C. | Huntington Beach, CA |

(5 of 5 Stars)

"fab great house, big and fun. very relaxing. great service, great people."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Las Palmas Mediterranean Estate

by Kiarash K. | Burbank, CA |

A Break Before The School Year
(5 of 5 Stars)

"We were in search of an easy swim vacation to destress from a very hectic summer. When we arrived at California Living we knew that this home would suit us perfectly. The main living area had an open floor plan which made transitioning from outside to inside and watching our active daughter easy. The home, not including food, was stocked with everything we should need. The fruit trees and lawn were lush and added to the beauty of the backyard. The pool was large and the hedges along with the trellis over the patio provided shade across parts of the pool allowing us to comfortably stay in the pool for most of the day, despite the 110F temperature. Finally, the house was ideally located. There was very little airport noise and the neighborhood was extremely quiet, little nightly winds to dirty the pool, and was only a few minutes drive from good restaurants and groceries. The doors knobs were very slippery and the doors tended to get stuck often which was annoying.(Thank you for bringing this to our attention: We are having the doors checked so that they don't stick anymore) The staff were very knowledgeable and helped us to choose the best home for our needs."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: California Life

by Xuan quynh P. | Seattle, Washington |

Great Yard
(4 of 5 Stars)

"Great yard, pool, open living/kitchen space, plenty of pool towels, and well appointed kitchen The hot cold water in both showers is not okay. It will change in the middle of showering. Someone from the agency thought they fixed it but it still didn't work. The bedrooms are so hot. There must be a trick to cooling them! The backyard needs more shade. The electric plate on the back of house is not on correctly and falls off.. the wind. The hot water heater, again, is not working. ("Thank you for your detailed feedback. We have assigned our maintenance person to look into the water heater issue and inspect the a/c - Scott in property management") Scott was awesome, attentive and timely."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Mor-Sun

by Alicia P. | San Francisco, CA |

Fabulously Relaxing - Loved It
(4 of 5 Stars)

"We liked the decor, light & bright interior, spaciousness, great decking + pool area, the home's privacy. All worked really well & lived up to the description. 2 bikes looked great but wasn't enough for our group. The loft needs screening capability for guests in bedroom + guests in living area. Constantly disturbed each other despite creeping about. Early + late! The home needs teaspoons, mugs (we British loved kettle + teapot!), an extra umbrella outside would be great, an extra comfy seat, sofa in lounge, clearer directions & useful local map etc would be great. (Thank you for your feedback. We did note there are 10 teacups at the home and 1 umbrella. We have passed the suggestions for additional materials to the homeowner. - Tim in Property Management)"

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Hollywood Flair Townhome

by Alison M. | Addlestone, Surrey |

Wonderful - Would Return
(4 of 5 Stars)

"Very good air conditioning, layout, washer/dryer, many loungers, wi-fi, lots of towels, great backyard, roomy interior, pet friendly, private yard with high hedges."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Sun Villa San Lorenzo

by Julie A. | Los Angeles, CA |

Amazing And Comfortable
(5 of 5 Stars)

"Everyone was very pleased with this home. It exceeded the expatiations all the guests. It was pretty close to perfect. Everyone was really nice with great communication."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Rancho Pasatiempo

by Wendell C. | Los Angeles, CA |

Great Weekend In Good House.
(3 of 5 Stars)

"Overall experience was good. Pool and Jacuzzi were best part of experience. I think the setup is great. Maybe just a note somewhere about where the garage door switch is.( I will have this labeled for easier guests use)"

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Tranquil Vistas

by Homero E. | La Mesa, CA |

Luckysun Was Awesome!
(5 of 5 Stars)

"I love how spacious the house was. We had a lot of family and it never felt crowded. There were so many places you could hang out."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Lucky Sun

by Brenda A. | Los Angeles, CA |

Nicely Furnished And Equipped Mid-century Home
(4 of 5 Stars)

"The property had everything we needed for our holiday weekend in Palm Springs. The pool and backyard area was great. The pool/patio furniture (especially the cushions) could be replaced. Some minor repairs needed for the interior of the home - provided a list on comment sheet left in home. (Thank you for bringing this to our attention, the owner is working on getting new custom cushions for the lounges) The people I worked with were very professional and attentive."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Tres Palmas

by Tony M. | Santa Ana, CA |

Convenient, Great
(5 of 5 Stars)

"everything was great. we had a great time @this house this was a very professional company to work with."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Casa Verde Palm Springs

by Hamlet M. | Los Angeles, CA |

Beautiful Cozy House
(5 of 5 Stars)

"As always my experience with a Vacation Palm Springs property was great. Just a well run business with excellent homes. The house was well-appointed, pleasing to the eye, and in a great neighborhood on the south side of town. Quiet street. The pool was great and the outdoor area had everything we needed. I will went this house again. Cozy, beautiful and comfortable. Lovely. Master bedroom television and cable needs to be repaired. It wasn't working.(Thank you for your feedback; This item is scheduled for repair through the cable company tomorrow.) Justin was kind and helpful and quick. I've come to expect this from everyone at this company."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Mesa Midcentury

by Nichelle T. | Los Angeles, CA |

(5 of 5 Stars)

"Everything was very modern, we had no problems what so ever, i dont know about the cactus riiiiight outside and next to the grill area other than that everything was nice."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Hip Desert Hideaway

by David S. | , CA |

A Real Treat, Perfect For Us
(5 of 5 Stars)

"We come to Palm Springs a couple of times a year and it is always a pleasure to rent from Vacation Palm Springs. This property has now become one of our favorites. The house is well appointed and perfect for one couple or two. The architecture is reminiscent of the glory days of Palm Springs and the pool was delightful! We will definitely be back and will stay at Sun Sanctuary. It was a real treat! The furnishings were perfect for this smaller home. The house was perfect for us as a couple with two dogs. Absolutely perfect. I have delat with everybody at this company and all of them are great. Special thanks to Sergio on this trip for quickly rearranging an extended stay for us and his gracious service! We have and will continue to recommend this company."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Sun Sanctuary

by Barbara A. | Oceanside, CA |

Very Chic, Classy And Elegant Home
(5 of 5 Stars)

"This home had all the comfortably and cleanliness that is necessary for a couple of family who wants to spend outside their home but feel it is their own home. It has all the kitchen appliances new, nice and clean, the bedrooms were big and beautiful. The backyard was paradise. Only my suggestion is to make a bathroom with a stand up shower in the backyard. Furthermore, put a couple of umbrella or shade areas for day time, and put a little more lights for night time. Overall, it was very chic and elegant. We had fun and everything was excellent Only my suggestion is to make a bathroom with a stand up shower in the backyard. Furthermore, put a couple of umbrella or shade areas for day time, and put a little more lights for night time. Overall, it was very chic and elegant property. (Thank you for your feedback. We have passed these suggestions along to the property owner - Tim in Property Management)"

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Vacation Paradise

by Josephine S. | Glendale, CA |

(3 of 5 Stars)

"Quiet neighborhood. Corner lot. Owner did'nt do much in remodeling the home which is very cool and still gives you that warm retro 60's feeling. Large bedrooms. We love the guest bungalow. Our suggestion: Add another sofa in the living room. (Thank you for the suggestion. We have passed your suggestion along to the property owner. - Tim in Property Management) Service was great. Cesar was very helpful."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: The Coleman House

by Enrico L. | Chula Vista, CA |

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