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Palm Springs Vacation Rental Guest Reviews

Awesome, Fantastic
(5 of 5 Stars)

"We liked everything. The decoration, the nice beds, the nice kitchen, the good internet. The townhome has too much light in the early morning. The toilet paper holder in the downstairs bathroom is broken. The paper holder has been repaired - Pam in property management In reservations, everyone was so wonderful and nice to work with. *Portia, Justin and Cesar* The property manager Tony came at once to resolve our concern when we called."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Escape du Soleil

by Maarten V. | Leusden, Utrecht |

Fantastic Rental Home!
(5 of 5 Stars)

"The bedrooms were all large and nicely decorated. The kitchen had anything we needed and was big. We really appreciated the great number of pool chairs. our stay was amazing!! The house was beautiful. The shower head in the front bedroom entrance could be improved. The home didn't have a pancake griddle or a brush cleaner for the grill. The sheet pans should be replaced. In reservations, everyone was so wonderful and nice to work with. *Portia, Justin and Cesar*"

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Sunny Elegance

by Adrienne C. | Manhattan Beach, CA |

(5 of 5 Stars)

"We loved the gourmet kitchen, the theater and the pool. What a great place! We will definitely be back. Reservations staff were very nice."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Ultimate Midcentury Oasis

by David and carrie B. | Long Beach, CA |

Relaxing, Fun, Carefree
(5 of 5 Stars)

"The home is roomy, with great decor and a private backyard. The shower door in the middle bathroom does not operate smoothly. Reservations team was top notch. We will be calling again."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Sun Salutation

by Steve G. | Longview, Washington |

We All Had Great Time
(4 of 5 Stars)

"There were not enough towels at the property. It seemed dirty outside. The pool days had changed to Tues/Thurs! We didn't expect them, then in the back out of nowhere at 6:30 Friday they came to service the pool. Reserving was fine, we had no issues. Travis, in property management, came through with new towels and called to check on us our 2nd day. Yes, we have recommended VPS and will continue to."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Contemporary Vacation Retreat

by Kimble T. | Northridge, CA |

(4 of 5 Stars)

"The home has a nice, quiet backyard. Great intimacy! Reservations team was very good."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Palm Desert Modern Villa

by Bernard B. | Quebec, QB |

Nice Trip
(4 of 5 Stars)

"The casita was great, especially for the teenage boys. It's just a beautiful, private home."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: El Paseo Paradise - Palm Desert

by Tim D. | Anaheim Hills, CA |

Great House, Great Neighborhood!
(5 of 5 Stars)

"The house was very well equipped, clean, spacious, and quiet. The pool was sweet, loved the waterfall! It was just the house for us. All was very smooth."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Sunset Style

by Cheryl C. | Sebastopol, CA |

Are You Kidding Me?!
(5 of 5 Stars)

"I loved everything about this house! Doris Day / Hollywood style. We lived like stars! Nothing to improve. loved it all. Everyone was super friendly at this rental agency!"

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Poolside Las Palmas

by Suzy B. | Sunset Beach, CA |

Beautiful Home = Great Vacation
(5 of 5 Stars)

"We really liked the layout and it's decor. It's very clean, well kept and you can tell the owners take pride in their property. The property was very nice overall. We didn't experience any major problems that required us to call the property managers. The gift basket was a very nice touch and we appreciated them turning the AC on prior to our arrival. There were some lights that appeared to be burnt out... next to the front door outside (which didn't help when determining which key to use to unlock the door), in the foyer just inside the front door and the pool. The plants in the foyer (which is open air) weren't in very good shape and appeared to need replacing. I spoke to Portia prior to making the reservation and with questions afterwards and exchanged emails with Justin. They were both very professional, quite nice and prompt in answering my questions even if they had to check and get back to me. I really appreciate that so thanks again to them. Most definitely recommend Vacation Palm Springs."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Sunshine Oasis

by Eric H. | St Louis Park, MN |

Mor Sun Review
(3 of 5 Stars)

"The backyard was very nice and so was the pool. The curb appeal not that great. The house was comfortable and the kitchen was roomy and well stocked. Backyard can use more umbrellas or new ones. The tables in yard are also a little old. The pool light and yard lights not working. The kitchen needs a bigger trash can also yard can use a trash can so that you dont always have to go inside. Reservation and property management people at this company are always great to work with."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Mor-Sun

by Eva M. | San Dimas, California |

Cute And Classy
(4 of 5 Stars)

"The interior of the property was very clean and very nicely designed/organized. Pool was cleaned on the 1st day of our stay. An in ground jacuzzi would be great to hang out in when it's cold out. We are overall fairly happy with everything else. Reservation team was very friendly and helpful. Enjoyed talking/working with them."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Hip Desert Hideaway

by Arpiar N. | Glendale, CA |

Great Ladies Weekend
(5 of 5 Stars)

"Great open kitchen area. Lots of bathrooms. Big comfy pillows and very clean All the staff were very friendly and I received prompt call backs and attention when we needed it I would absolutely recommend this property and I will probably rent it again"

Vacation Palm Springs Home: The Tony Curtis Estate

by Monique M. | San Diego, CA |

Outstandingly Clean And Well Equipped.
(5 of 5 Stars)

"The property was nice, clean and modern. Nice yard and pool and spa. Everything that people would need to have one good unforgettable vacation. More Lighting at yard would be our only recommendation!!!! The staff at this company - they were very nice, friendly and helpful.TOP! 5 star."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Poolside Living

by Ramona H. | Glendale, CA |

Bachelorette Bonanza
(4 of 5 Stars)

"super cute decor, artsy, modern, large lot, nice layout, private update the kitchen, at least the fridge, it was leaking & not very cold. also add some desert plants outdoors to warm the outside entertaining area a little. i was a property-virgin renter, so i had a lot of questions & everyone i talked to was very informative. upon arriving i did a walk through & noticed a few things that needed attention, ie. broken door handle, dave from maintenance came over withnin the hour & took care of everything, including helping us find outside lights. the next day i noticed we did not have any pool rafts & nate brought us over 2 brand new rafts. everyone was very attentive. recommend 110%. my girlfriends & i want to come back at least once a year, for a girls' reunion. and i also recommended to my parents, that they should rent a house for a week + over the winter holidays b/c it's a perfect vacation get away!"

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Midcentury Wexler Steel House

by Tracey R. | Los Angeles, CA |

LaLanne Juicer. Enough Said.
(4 of 5 Stars)

"Swanky pad, Great Jack LaLanne memorabilia worked into interior motif, extensive dvd collection, awesome pool with chaise lounges surrounding, POOL WAS SPECTACULAR. Jets flying over head were really cool to view while sipping a brew and floating in the pool. Definitely bring your food and drink on ice in advance. Under estimated the amount of time it takes to cool when stuffing a fridge. Booked it online."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Tres Palmas

by Terick T. | Fountain Valley, CA |

(5 of 5 Stars)

"Sunny Elegance is beautifully appointed - a spacious and comfortable home. Great for reunions, families, girls trip. We have been enjoying your services every summer for the last 5 years and will be back again next year Blinds easily fall off if simply brushed by a hand or chair. Room 3? bathroom shower head should be replaced. Leaks. As usual, the reservation team is AWESOME. No problems- we had one hiccup but it was solved beautifully by Cesar."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Sunny Elegance

by Lisa S. | Encinitas, CA |

Better Than The Pictures!
(5 of 5 Stars)

"The internet's pictures didn't do the property justice: it was better than expected! The reservation team (Justin, I believe), was very responsive and helpful. Yes Definitely recommend - the experience exceeded my expectations."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Las Palmas Tennis Estate

by Roger D. | Thousand Oaks, CA |

Perfect Stay
(5 of 5 Stars)

"the house felt very comfortable and this property management company I rented with were very reliable and helpful"

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Midcentury Wexler Steel House

by Michael H. | North Hollywood, CA |

Awesome, Amazing, Relaxing And Beautiful!
(5 of 5 Stars)

"It was very peaceful, felt lke a real mini vacation away from home but still enjoying the feeling of being in a home with privacy and Relaxation! Maybe new up graded Tv's and instructions 4 the dishwasher(not everyone has one) Maybe check everything good 2 make sure no one left anything behind... on our stay we found a pair of shoes and men underwear in a drawer! lol=)not a big deal but other than that everything was great! very nice and helpful people at this vacation rental company."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Sunny Hacienda

by Noemi G. | Long Beach, CA |

(3 of 5 Stars)

"The house was clean and well prepared. When we initially got there we were having problems with the Internet that seemed to only slightly improve throughout the weekend. We were also curious about upgrading certain aspects aspects of the house over the course of the weekend but had no working phone. Cell phones had limited service and the house phone wasn't accepting calls."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Here Comes the Sun

by Nathan N. | Pomona, CA |

Excellent Home
(5 of 5 Stars)

"We had a great experience. The manager was very nice. When we arrived one of the porch light was not working. When I called the manager (CESAR) he came in really quickly and fixed the problem. Again home was excellent but the pool was small. We would rather have bigger pool than bigger house.(My personal opinion). Excellent service.Very nice property manager/company."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: The Coleman House

by Kristine A. | Glendale, CA |

Pretty Awesome Stay!
(5 of 5 Stars)

"We had a great time in the house. The house is big and comfortable with nice big kitchen, pool, several bathrooms. We found everything we needed in the house. It was a really nice experience. it will be nice to go back sometime. I dont really have any recommendations, I think everything was just fine."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Palm Springs Pool Home

by Silva H. | Gramada Hills, CA |

A Great Time In Palm Springs, Again!
(5 of 5 Stars)

"A great time in Palm Springs, Again! The yard was just beautiful. The bedrooms were large and very comfortable for 4 couples. I recommend Vacation Palm springs to my friends all the time."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Cool Canyon Classic

by Patricia M. | Gardena, CA |

Lovely Getaway!!
(4 of 5 Stars)

"Clean, spacious and relaxing. It's in a great neighborhood and close to all the main roads. All bedrooms had ceiling fans, an A++. The kitchen came fully stocked with all imaginable dishes and every spice you can imagine. The sofas were absolutely comfortable to just veg out on after a swim session. There were about 50+ towels, so we never ran out of towels. The AC ran smoothly and the kids were very happy to spend their Summer vacation here! Justin was accomodating and very helpful."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Sunstruck - Palm Springs Villa

by Shabana D. | Santa Clara, CA |

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