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Multiple Channels. Maximum Visibility. More Money for You.

When people are looking to vacation in the Palm Springs area, our well-named and very popular websites - including - pop up high on the page for nearly any combination of relevant words or phrases people enter on Google, Bing or Yahoo. And in the robust world of social media, you'll find our marketing in the lead on Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and others! This best-in-class visibility for Palm Springs area vacation home and condo rental properties has a direct correlation to the amount of rental income you'll generate. Try it yourself. We think you'll be impressed with what you see.

Marketing Muscle - Maximum Revenue for You

We take our marketing seriously and have fun with it, too. Our team understands that your success and our continued good reputation depend upon it. So we are relentless marketers. Every day marketing gets highest priority and tremendous attention. Our marketing for your home includes extensive Internet advertising, social media, search engine placement, direct mail, event sponsorships, cool post-cards and high visibility displays where vacationers and visitors frequent.

80,000+ Exclusive Guest Network - More Rentals for You

We pay attention to and stay in constant contact with our network of more than 80,000+ valued clients who rent vacation homes and condos from us each year, and they thank us by returning again and again.

Concierge Care for Your Vacation Home - Peace of Mind for You

Caring for your home is as important to us as it is to you. Our team of professional vacation home managers, maintenance pros, housekeepers, and marketing professionals are dedicated to looking after your home's well-being. You can directly reach someone from our team by phone - every day of the week, year 'round - 24 hours a day. There's always someone to assist.

What kind of homes and condos make the best rentals?

Well-located and nicely furnished homes and condos with private pools and spas and 2-3 or more bedrooms can be great cash generating vacation home rentals. Homes with 4 or more bedrooms can allow for even greater appeal and can produce higher yielding rentals. Upscale luxury homes and estates with celebrity names associated with them, and homes that are located within walking distance of downtown Palm Canyon in Palm Springs, El Paseo in Palm Desert or The River in Rancho Mirage can make especially good rentals. Homes and estates that generate the greatest income are well-appointed, have architectural appeal, privacy, offer great views of mountains, pools and palm trees. The best producing properties also feature expansive grounds, big pools, lush landscaping, luxurious amenities and suite-style bedrooms. Having a bathroom with each bedroom is a real plus. A private pool and whirlpool spa are essential for rentals. A greater number of bedrooms and bathrooms can be a real plus in generating rental income.

What's important in selecting a property management company for your vacation home?

Choosing a top-rated management company to market and manage your property can make a big difference in the financial results you'll see. But be sure to do your homework and know what to look for. Here are a few important tips:

Ask a lot of questions. For example: "How long have you been in business? What are you best known for? What size is your team? How many properties do you represent? (There's strength in numbers.) How do your company's rankings, reviews and ratings compare to other companies?"

Verify for yourself what trusted third party organizations say about each company's reputation through online reviews and ratings. Fully explore what clients and guests are saying about working with each company. View the objective scores assigned to each rental agency for its services by Google, the Better Business Bureau, (Vacation Palm Springs has earned a 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google Plus, the best in the business, and has an A+ rating from the BBB.) And stop by the company's offices to see the environment and team in action.

Look at the companies' marketing presence on Facebook and other important social media sites and search sites such as Google.

Also, understand the fee structures offered by each company. Some rental companies may quote a low percentage management fee as a "teaser rate," but will charge you as homeowner more by the way of many hidden, add-on fees such as reservation fees, booking fees, home inspection fees, credit card fees, and other fees that can really add up.

How much rental income might my vacation rental generate?

Vacation Palm Springs is the best-in-class market leader in generating the best rental income for homeowner client members. Income potential can vary considerably by house or condo, the number of days the home is available for rentals, its location, style, availability on key holidays and special events, amenities, and its number of bedrooms.

For many of our Vacation Palm Springs rental agency clients with 3 and 4 bedroom homes and condos we have consistently generated in the range of $30,000 to $60,000 or more in annual gross rental income. Larger luxury homes, 5 and 6 or more bedrooms, consistently generate cash in the range of $60,000 to $100,000 or more annually. Larger luxury estates with five and six or more bedrooms and bathrooms in prime locations have produced significantly greater incomes - as much as $110,000 to $175,000 annually and more. Many of our clients take home well over $60,000 annually from the rental results we generate for them ($60,000 net to the homeowner client after fees have been factored in). Past performance does not guarantee future results, and we cannot project or guarantee results, but what else can you go by?

How am I paid for rentals?

Prompt monthly payment is a key distinction that Vacation Palm Springs provides - an important consideration to explore in listing your home for rent. Before the 15th of each month, homeowner clients are emailed a detailed accounting statement showing the prior month's rental activity. Payment is automatically deposited into the bank account of your choice. Your statement also includes detail of future reservations booked for your property. Vacation Palm Springs pays homeowner clients within the first 15 days of each month; other companies delay disbursement of funds to homeowners for as long as 45-90 days. Included with your monthly statement is a homeowner "tip- sheet" with timely suggestions and ideas for maximizing rentals and upkeep. Through 24-7 direct access to our web-based Vacation Palm Springs VIP client portal, you can view the details of your rental bookings, see how many showings your property is getting, update information, and keep in constant contact with your property.

What are your management fees?

We're paid based on performance, so we're highly motivated to do a great job for you. Our service and remarkable rental income we generate for our clients has earned us an excellent reputation. Our professional services fee is straightforward and streamlined: homeowners profit from 75% of rental income and Vacation Palm Springs retains a 25% professional fee. Homeowners pay an annual marketing fee only after we begin generating rental income for you. (Because we're confident in the results we'll generate for you there are no up-front or advance fees for you to join our program.) The convenience of responsive coordination for property management maintenance services - for example, assisting in coordinating a service vendor for delivery for your home - are offered at a low $45 per hour fee, the same maintenance or repair coordinating assistance.

Who handles housekeeping and maintenance?

Our in-house professionals are well-trained and dedicated to coordinating all aspects of cleaning, housekeeping, linen and towel service after the departure of each paying guest at no charge to the homeowner. After owner use, Vacation Palm Springs provides cleaning services following your personal use of your home for a fee based on the size of your home at a special discounted rate for you. On an as-needed basis our maintenance team and property management specialists teams provide concierge-level maintenance services to save you time and money and to keep your house in guest-ready conditions when you're not here to do so. Our professional service fee for the convenience of maintenance coordination is a low $45 per hour rate that we've held at cost for more than 16 years.

What should I pay attention to selecting a Palm Springs area property management company or rental agency?

Be sure to ask questions. For example: "How long have you been in business? What size is your team? What do you do best? How do your company's rankings and ratings compare to others? What's your reputation and how many reviews? What are clients and guests saying about working with the company? What are you best known for?" Also, find out the objective scores assigned to each rental agency for its services. Check with Google, the BBB, the Google + score, Zagat and other trusted and time-tested organizations. Take a look at the presence the companies have on Facebook and other social media circles.

Also, be sure to understand the fee structures offered by each company. Some rental companies quote a lower percentage management fee as a "teaser rate," but will charge you as homeowner many add-on hidden fees. These additional costs such as "reservation fees, booking fees, home inspection fees, internet fees" can add up significantly. As an example of a hidden fee that other companies may charge you as homeowner client: a per booking or reservation fee, pre-arrival visit fee, plus an additional 2-3% credit card percentage fee charged to you each time a guest pays to rent your home using their credit card. Our company does not charge you hidden or credit card fees, per transaction fees or reservation fees or check fees to homeowner clients - and we generate outstanding financial results and property care for our homeowners.

What about the potential for damage caused by guests?

Accidents do happen so we require a $750 security deposit, and/or an accidental damage waiver fee, paid in full in advance of rental. A majority of guests are considerate and careful, but there are exceptions where damaged and missing items are charged to the guest security deposit. When this occurs, we coordinate the repairs or replacement item and charge the guest's security deposit. Separately, ordinary wear from frequent use is a reality when your home becomes a cash-generating vacation home and is not covered by guest security deposits. Our team inspects your home before guests arrive and after the guests depart to check for damages. If a guest is negligent and causes damages, they are charged for these items and our team coordinates the repairs or replacement items, up to the security deposit amount.

What might I expect from guests using my property?

Generating significant cash from a vacation home comes with the reasonable costs of doing business. Wear from frequent and ordinary use is a reality and a risk associated with residential property rentals and is a homeowner responsibility. Vacation rentals are in many ways similar to small hotel lodging, so wear and routine maintenance is a reality and a balance, the downside of the good fortune of generating income - and a shared cost of doing business - when renting out your vacation home or condo.

What about furnishings for the home?

Your vacation home should be furnished to reflect a balance of comfort and style. Having televisions and DVDs in all bedrooms and living rooms is important as well as reading lights in each bedroom and living area. In addition to appealing design and style, vacationing guests are looking for a place with furnishings to allow for comfort, conversation, dining and relaxation both inside the home and poolside. Wireless Internet is a must. A local land line phone service is required for use in event of emergencies. When you join us, we supply you with a comprehensive checklist of required furnishings and supplies that we've developed based on more than 14 years of providing excellence in guest satisfaction.

How should the kitchen be equipped?

It's very important that kitchens must be extremely well-equipped with complete table service for at least 2 more than the home sleeps, as well as serving pieces, blender, toaster, coffee maker, cookware, mixing bowls and utensils. Most renters make use of kitchens to prepare family meals, meals for holidays and other celebrations. A well-supplied and well-stocked kitchen is essential and a key expectation of renters and guests. We provide a comprehensive checklist of required kitchen items and supplies that is based on our experiences.

What about guest safety?

Guest safety is an important owner responsibility and consideration. Each vacation home should be examined carefully by the owner to ensure the home is safe for guests and free of safety hazards - including but not limited to trip hazards, safe electrical wiring, and sturdy furnishings. For each rental, we require the responsible person who is renting the home sign a waiver of liability, included in their short term lease, for guest and invitees including use of pools and spas.

What kind of insurance do I need?

To protect you and your property, we require each homeowner have a short term vacation rental and liability policy that includes liability coverage as well as your insurance vendor naming Vacation Palm Springs Real Estate Inc. as "additional insured" on your vacation rental insurance policy. We can provide you recommendations on insurance companies that can accommodate you with a suitable short term rental policy and "additional insured" for vacation rental properties in the greater Palm Springs area.

Should I accept pets?

It's definitely worth considering. Being pet friendly can increase your home's marketability as more than 60% of households have a family pet. About two thirds of the Palm Springs area vacation rental properties in our rental program welcome pets. You can decide whether your home will accept pets but if you do, it will likely create more rental income for your vacation home property.

How is maintenance handled?

Homeowners directly pay utilities, pool service, gardening service as well as maintenance and upkeep. Our company inspects and prepares your property prior to guest arrival, after each guest depart and inspects your property again after it has been cleaned to inspect for and ensure quality. We proactively offer to assist as well as notify clients of items needing maintenance as well as providing assistance in coordinating the necessary repairs. You benefit from our network of trusted local preferred vendors and repair specialists, as we are able to resolve such issues expeditiously and at reasonable costs because of our solid and longstanding relationships with local service providers and on-staff team members. When a guest experiences a malfunction while a guest is occupying your home, our team coordinates the service response and notifies you of the resolution in order to preserve your rental income and satisfy the guest. If a repair item is significant, our company will first consult with you as homeowner before authorizing the repair expenditure. When Vacation Palm Springs coordinates maintenance and repair items for the convenience of homeowners, a low $45/hr coordination service fee applies.

Where is Your Office? What are Your Hours?

Our offices are located at 1276 North Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are available by phone, email, web text, and of course in person. We promptly and courteously answer all customer requests. In addition to office hours, our property management team is available for in case of emergencies 24 hours a day 365 days each year. Our 24 hour hotline for guests and homeowner clients is (760) 333-3222. Our email is or or

What People are Saying About Working with Us

"Vacation Palm Springs is by far the best rental company we have ever dealt with... Never before anywhere else have we received this kind of service, courtesy, and efficiency."

- Cyntha C. | Los Angeles

"Great company. No one does it better. We absolutely recommend Vacation Palm Springs."

- Michael L. | Los Angeles

"These people bring their A-game 24-7."

- Timothy L. | Glendale

"Absolutely recommend this company without hesitation. Service here is 100% plus!"

- Ann H. | Winnepeg

"Our experience was beyond our expectations. Amazing service!"

- Victoria A. | Long Beach

"Vacation Palm Springs went above and beyond to address our concerns and to follow up. This team is really tops."

- Scott P. | Redondo Beach, CA

"I have rented from Vacation Palm Springs more than 10 times and the customer service has always been nothing less than perfect."

- Melinda A. | San Clemente, CA

"Vacation Palm Springs is by far the best home rental company we have ever dealt with. We have rented vacation homes in many places for many years. We have never before received the service, courtesy, and efficiency of the Vacation Palm Springs team anywhere else in the country."

- Carrie T. | Seattle

"You seem to have this down to an art. Absolutely perfect. Streamlined and straight-through process with no hassle at all. "

- Alex M. | West Vancouver

"It's an understatement to say that the Vacation Palm Springs team exceeded my highest expectations. Vacation Palm Springs marketing and customer/client service teams are among the very best I've encountered in ANY industry. To my surprise and delight, in its first year on the market, my home rented for nearly every week during the high season and for about half the weekends during the off season. The renters were thrilled with the great customer service and their reviews were uniformly spectacular about the home and about the Vacation Palm Springs staff."

- Gary C. | Los Angeles

"Fantastic experience. Everything was incredible. Service was 'spot on' and timely."

- Kevin K. | Tena Fly, NY

"Vacation Palm Springs always provides 5-star service. They are all excellent."

- Mark R. | Seattle

"Such a Great Palm Springs Vacation! All the staff at Vacation Palm Springs were helpful, friendly and very professional. I will be recommending Vacation Palm Springs to all my family & friends."

- Diane G. | Winnipeg, Manitoba

"The service was amazing. I have never had such a team of professionals work in such great harmony."

- Shohreh T. | Anaheim Hills, CA

"We were 100% satisfied with Vacation Palm Springs. 
We made a great income from the rentals and relied on VPS 100%. 
When we first thought about renting our home - a $2 million estate in Old Las Palmas with fine art and furnishings - we were very apprehensive. From the get go, VPS made sure our home was rented to discerning people who took care of it. Was there damage and wear and tear? Yes, but very minor and VPS usually discovered it and deducted it from the deposit. We recently sold the house, but 'would we use their services again?' An unabashed "Yes!"

Bill Townsend, Homeowner Client, Los Angeles

"Vacation Palm Springs is the most effective rental company in the Desert. 
They have unprecedented online visibility and get great results. When I "Google" anything remotely related to Palm Springs area homes, rentals or vacation, their website always pops up at the top."

Justine Hamilton, Homeowner Client

"Vacation palm springs has managed our 4 bedroom - 4 bath property for more than 2 years (The Casa Grande) with excellent service on all facets. This makes life stress-free regarding the property. I have other rentals around California, and honestly, I find Vacation Palm Springs to be the best - and I mean the entire team - they are all 10 star at their jobs. They are like family to me. Our renters feel the same way about them."

Ron and Teri Bernstein, Homeowner Clients

"We wanted to say how very pleased we are with Vacation Palm Springs. Not only are we happy about the number of rentals you've booked, but also - and particularly - with the great attitude and the quality of service from everyone in the company. You guys are outstanding and we'd be happy to offer this reference to anyone if it is useful. We used to be with the other big vacation rental company and you guys are far and away better at what you do. Thank you so much."

Jessica Scarffe, Homeowner Client, Santa Monica

"When we listed our multi-million dollar luxury home as a vacation rental, our objective was to generate as much rental revenue as possible. We're delighted that we selected Vacation Palm Springs as they have delivered outstanding financial results, booking more than $60,000 in rental revenue for our home within our first 30 days of joining their program!

Vacation Palm Springs knows the Greater Palm Springs Area, and understands how to attract to the vacation rental customer successfully. Their advice on pricing, seasonal timing and what to expect has been spot on. When maintenance repairs have been needed at the home, the VPS staff has worked creatively to find solutions and to keep guests happy.

Unlike other vacation rental firms, Vacation Palm Springs is well staffed with multiple reservation staff members, vacation home managers, accounting staff, and marketing staff. This results in a turn key solution to drive revenue and minimize any hands-on required by the owner. I am very pleased that we selected Vacation Palm Springs to represent us, and highly recommend their services to property owners looking to maximize rental revenue."

Frank E, Rancho Mirage, Homeowner Client

"I've had my rental homes listed with Vacation Palm Springs for more than 14 years. Their professionalism, attentiveness and customer service are unmatched. They have a friendly team always on hand to answer questions and to ensure my needs and the renters' needs are always met. Plus, it's important to me to be a part of a company with a terrific reputation that understands the importance of getting a great return on your dollar."

David Jimenez, Homeowner Client, Kansas City

"I've just listed my property with your agency and within 24 hours, you already have a tenant, renting my home for 10 days! What a great way to start out our relationship!"

Nancy Houchen, Los Angeles, Homeowner Client

"The Vacation Palm Springs website is the most visited vacation rental site for homes in the Palm Springs area and I wouldn't even consider listing with another company. My houses rent consistently and I've been very pleased with the amount of rental income generated. As a result of their on-line presence, I know that my homes are getting a maximum exposure."

Josiah S. Hamilton, Homeowner Client

"In researching our options for purchasing and managing a rental property, we found that Vacation Palm Springs offered the most comprehensive program, the best marketing and was the obvious choice. We have been very happy with their team efforts and instant results! Just a day after our home was listed, we got bookings!

We feel we are in good hands, that the home will be looked after and that the needs of our guests will be addressed if anything should arise. Top notch professional company - we'd be confident recommending them to anyone!"

The Allens, Danville, Homeowner Client

"We are thrilled with our rental income."

Wendi Stefani, Portland, Homeowner Client

"I began using the services of Vacation Palm Springs in 2002, and am extremely happy with their services... I highly recommend them. They understand very well how to market their services and bring in the customers and they've done much better at keeping my house booked than my previous agency."

Philip van Allen, Palm Springs Homeowner Client, Los Angeles