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Palm Springs Midcentury Modern Architecture

"Palm Springs Modernism evolved in Palm Springs in response to the warm dry climate, mountain vistas and beauty of the desert," says Peter Moruzzi, chairman of the Palm Springs Modern Committee, a group dedicated to preserving modern architecture. "In the 1950s and 1960s, architects adapted contemporary materials already here, along with designs, techniques, and floor plans that created the elegant informality of desert living."

In the forefront were such notable architects as Albert Frey, William Cody, Donald Wexler, E. Stewart Williams and William Krisel, whose masterworks highlight the City. Increasingly, visitors come to Palm Springs to experience the City's amazing architecture, and many are inspired to rent or buy Palm Springs Modern houses. In Palm Springs, the Mid-Century architectural style is as much of an attraction as the sunny weather, swimming pools and golf.

Palm Springs Modern design is bright, open, casual and fun, integrating indoors and outdoors. Bedrooms open onto patios and pools, and the glass walls and sweeping rooflines enable spectacular views of palm trees and mountains from inside the home.

"Palm Springs is an open-air living museum of architecture," says Robert Imber, president of PS Modern Tours, which takes visitors to the best-known Modern structures and many hidden gems of Modernism. "The true architecture of the desert really evolves from the lighting, textures and colors," adds Imber. "That's the essence of what makes Palm Springs Modern unique and special."

Mid-Century Modern architecture is now so integral to the City's identity that Palm Springs Modernism Week (February 14 - 24, 2013) has become a hugely popular annual event. Designers of contemporary furniture and decorative arts display classic designs as well as the latest innovations at the Palm Springs Convention Center -- itself a striking example of Modernist influence.

Vacation Palm offers more than 150 fully furnished homes and condos of varying sizes and prices, most with private pools and spas, evoking Mid-Century style, while featuring today's amenities.

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Iconic Palm Springs Architecture

Guided by an energetic, knowledgeable and entertaining local expert and historian of all things Midcentury Modern, Robert Imber, the Palm Springs Modern Tour owner and tour guide, this is a very informative and comprehensive three-hour city-wide overview of Palm Springs mid-century modern architecture and heritage, both residential and commercial buildings.

On this tour you can learn about the masters of mid-century design who lived and worked in Palm Springs (Frey, Wexler, for example) as well as the internationally famous designers who brought innovation to the desert architecture in the mid-20th century era such as Neutra, Lautner and others.

The Palm Springs Midcentury Tour is small (mini-van) so advance reservations are encouraged. Palm Springs Mid-century Modern Tours Phone 760-318-6118.

Palm Springs Architecture
The Modern Tour, Palm Springs
By Architectural Author Michael Stern

Twin Palms Frank Sinatra Estate in Palm Springs

You are invited Join Michael Stern, author of the Rizzoli publication ?Julius Shulman: Palm Springs? as he escorts you on a private tour of Palm Springs? amazing collection of mid-century modern architecture.

View the work of Richard Neutra, John Lautner, Donald Wexler, Albert Frey and William Cody. Celebrity homes include Frank Sinatra, William Holden, Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Lawford and numerous others.

Private, residential interiors of some of Palm Springs most fabulous homes are featured on this tour. For more information please call Michael Stern, phone (760) 904-0904

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The Modern Architectural
Palm Springs California Area

Palm Springs is world famous for its great mid 20th century architecture - home to one of the world's largest collections of mid-century modern properties. Some of the most renowned mid-century architects have created celebrated homes here in Palm Springs. Enjoy our great selection of midcentury homes rentals and come to Palm Springs and experience one! Weekly. Weekends. Monthly. Fully furnished and ready for you.

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