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The Most Comprehensive Vacation Home Management Program

With a sharp professional focus, specialized knowledge and a proven framework for success, we deliver top results for Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta and Indian Wells vacation homes and homeowners year after year. Experienced, trusted, caring, thoughtful and friendly vacation home marketing and management expertise are key advantages we bring to you.

"The Best ... The Most Comprehensive"

"We chose Vacation Palm Springs to represent us because they have the best and most comprehensive vacation home marketing and management program," said one of many satisfied clients of Vacation Palm Springs rental agency. "We highly recommend Vacation Palm Springs to any property owner searching for a top quality property management company," said another. Yet another homeowner client said: "Vacation Palm Springs is the best. And I mean the entire team."

The Vacation Palm Spings Team

The Vacation Palm Springs Team - See More

Focus and Specialized Knowledge

We understand that managing exceptional Palm Springs area homes and condos requires a delicate balance with specialized knowledge, experience and attention to detail - in marketing, guest and tenant services, property care and homeowner relations. Most importantly it requires highly trained and skilled people who are attentive to you and your property's needs. And we are focused on and committed to these key areas.

Proactive and Professional

Our proactive team of dedicated vacation home managers and customer care professionals create a productive partnership with each homeowner client and every renting guest. How? We listen. We pay attention to details. We act quickly. And we provide continuing education and coaching for all of our team members. We're motivated and dedicated to bringing in the business and caring for your property. We serve our renters and homeowner clients 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

The Results-Oriented & Trusted Leader For Desert Area Property Management Services

What We Do For You: Attentive, Pro-active Property Care

High Impact Targeted Marketing:

Top web search results and the most highly visible top-rated websites with helpful services are key components of our unbeatable marketing. Check for yourself to see our top placement and visibility of luxury home and condos for rent. And much more: we engage in direct mail, targeted email, print ads, visitor center displays. Plus, we sponsor and participate in key events to showcase your property and promote the best-in-class vacation home rental services we offer.

Strategic Marketing Insight:

Knowing when, what, where and how much are key skills we apply to successfully marketing your property for rent. "They really understand the market and know how to bring in the customers," says a property-owner and 9 year homeowner client of the successful Vacation Palm Springs property management program. Timing and targeting specific messages to the best possible customers at the best possible times with the most compelling message make a positive difference in the results your property will generate.

Custom Ipad Apps

Advanced Technology Advantage for You

Each of our vacation home managers is equipped with a customized iPad and "App" for real-time communication and attention to detail in caring for your property and creating satisfied guests who return to rent your property again and again.

The Best Technology Combined with the Best People:

We combine advanced technology - the best in the business - with well trained and skilled professionals to bring maximum results and satisfaction to our clients. Each of our vacation home managers is equipped with an iPad and customized apps specifically created for our company that provide real time updates, access to important details and programs to ensure strong communication. The results: we better serve our homeowner clients and guests in an efficient manner - keeping track of details in managing and caring for each property in realtime.

Concierge-Level Services:

Our pro-active and specially trained property management and customer contact teams serve as a resourceful concierge team, as accessible and helpful advocates. We provide specialized and attentive care for renting guests and for each valued homeowner client 365 days a year.

Smart Pricing:

Strategic pricing - we call it smart pricing - is a key component we bring to marketing your rental property that allows us to generate the best rental income results in the business - year after year. Detailed knowledge of seasonal variances, market conditions, special events plus balancing of supply and demand allows us to maximize your rental income and care for your important investment.

Prompt Payment & Detailed Accounting:

Punctual monthly payment to you along with a detailed income statement is sent to you by the 15th of each month for your property's prior month's rental income. Itemized statements and 1099 forms are provided on a timely basis.

Housekeeping & Laundry:

For vacation home and condo rentals, our experienced housekeeping team cleans your home or condo, including laundry of towels and linens - at no charge to you - after guests depart. Once our housekeeping team has cleaned your property, our vacation home managers under the direction of our housekeeping supervisor, returns again to inspect the cleaning to ensure it meets our high quality standards.

City Taxes & City Ordinance Compliance:

We collect from guests and pay on your behalf the required municipal city lodging occupancy taxes and inform you of and comply with key City ordinances, rental licenses, and noise ordinances plus new and evolving city codes. We completely take care of for you the required guest lodging tax and pay it for you monthly as required by local city ordinances.

Attentive Service - Before, During, After Rentals:

We remove obstacles, resolve issues and provide attentive service for the special requests, demanding details, questions, concierge services and critical customer care issues - before, during and after each rental, plus collecting funds & processing and issuing payment for you.

Maintenance Services:

Our reliable partners and maintenance professionals provide quick response and experienced and competent resources for homeowner client members, guest renters and tenants. Every day of the year our team is proactive and ready to assist - including weekends, nights, holidays and special events.

Pre-Arrival Care - Quality Inspections:

We are committed to quality and our actions show it. Our property management team visits your vacation property before guests arrive for a "pre-arrival care inspection" to prepare your property. Our team visits your property again after guests depart to inspect your home's condition and ensure it is safe and secure. We also confirm key systems are set appropriately such as heaters, AC, pool-spa heaters and other important property care items.

Pay for Performance:

We're paid only when we rent your property, as a percent of rental income, so we're highly motivated to rent your vacation property with great frequency and at the best possible rate.

Vacation Palm Springs Real Estate Inc. Property Management Company's Managing Partners Rick Hutcheson (left) and Rob Kincaid are involved daily in leadership and management of Vacation Palm Springs and Greater Palm Sprigs Realty. Founded in 2001, Vacation Palm Springs is one of the largest and most effective leading property management companies for the Greater Palm Springs area known for delivering exceptional results and proactive and attentive customer care. Both Hutcheson and Kincaid are hands-on and involved daily in marketing strategy and implementation plus participate daily in ensuring the company's successful operations. In addition, both are active community leaders in civic and philanthropy. Hutcheson also serves as a member of the Palm Springs City Council. For more information please click here to email us (Pictured: Rick Hutcheson and Rob Kincaid at the company's holiday food drive.)

Notes & Quotes from Satisfied Homeowner Clients

"We wanted to say how very pleased we are with Vacation Palm Springs. Not only are we happy about the number of rentals you've booked, but also - and particularly - with the great attitude and the quality of service from everyone in the company. You guys are outstanding and we'd be happy to offer this reference to anyone if it is useful. We used to be with the other big vacation rental company and you guys are far and away better at what you do. Thank you so much."

- Jessica Scarffe, Homeowner Client, Santa Monica

"When we listed our multi-million dollar luxury home as a vacation rental, our objective was to generate as much rental revenue as possible. We're delighted that we selected Vacation Palm Springs as they have delivered outstanding financial results, booking more than $50,000 in rental revenue for our home within our first 30 days of joining their program!

Vacation Palm Springs knows the Greater Palm Springs Area, and understands how to attract to the vacation rental customer successfully. Their advice on pricing, seasonal timing and what to expect has been spot on. When maintenance repairs have been needed at the home, the VPS staff has worked creatively to find solutions and to keep guests happy.

Unlike other vacation rental firms, Vacation Palm Springs is well staffed with multiple reservation staff members, vacation home managers, accounting staff, and marketing staff. This results in a turn key solution to drive revenue and minimize any hands-on required by the owner. I am very pleased that we selected Vacation Palm Springs to represent us, and highly recommend their services to property owners looking to maximize rental revenue."

- Frank E., Rancho Mirage Homeowner

"Vacation Palm Springs rental agency has been managing our property, Ultimate Mid-Century Oasis and we highly recommend Vacation Palm Springs to any property owner searching for a management company. I help build management teams for a living and have been quite impressed by the interactions with all VPS employees.

The Marketing team has done everything possible to promote our home's many features. Reservation staff has produced quality guests that love their stay and keep coming back. Housekeeping does an incredible job maintaining the interiors. We created beautiful outdoor spaces and vendors recommended for pool and landscaping maintenance have excelled at maintaining them. We remodeled the property completely to make it a beautiful contemporary home that retained its mid-century modern heritage. Our biggest concern was keeping it that way. We stay at the house on the rare occasions when it is not occupied and keep commenting on how it looks just as we left it.

Vacation Palm Springs property managers are extremely responsive taking care of any guest concerns. A replacement bulb for the home theater projector was replaced within the hour. They ensure that the alarm is always on to enhance security. We will eventually retire and live in Palm Springs once again. Looking ahead, we want to return to the beautiful home we spent so much time creating. That is why we did our due diligence searching for a quality property management company. Vacation Palm Springs has certainly exceeded our expectations.

- Armando Rancano, Homeowner Client, Boston

"We've always dreamed of owing a beautiful vacation home but needed a revenue stream and reliable property management to make it happen. Vacation Palm Springs has exceeded our expectations on both counts and helped make our dream a reality."

- Andy Ball, Homeowner Client, Des Moines

"After researching our options for purchasing and managing a rental property we found that Vacation Palm Springs offered the most comprehensive program, the best marketing and was the obvious choice. We have been very happy with their team efforts and instant results; only a day after our home was listed, we got bookings! We feel we are in good hands, that the home will be looked after and that the needs of our guests will be addressed if anything should arise. Top notch professional company - we'd be confident recommending them."

- Laura Allen, Homeowner Client, Danville CA

"We've been using Vacation Palm Springs for about 6 months now to manage the renting of our home in Palm Springs. I can comfortably say that they have far exceeded our expectations. The house is well cared for, any issues (and there are few) are quickly attended to, and best of all, the house is renting much more frequently than we had expected. The property managers at VPS are fantastic, very professional and helpful."

- Steve Mullen, Homeowner Client, Provincetown

"Vacation Palm Springs is the most effective rental company in the Desert. They have unprecedented online visibility and get great results. When I "Google" anything even remotely related to Palm Springs area homes, rentals or vacation, their website always shows up at the top."

- Justine Hamilton, Homeowner Client

"We were 100% satisfied with Vacation Palm Springs. We made a nice income from the rentals and relied on VPS 100%.
When we first thought about renting our home - a $2 million 6 bedroom estate in Old Las Palmas with fine art and furnishings - we were very apprehensive. From the get go, VPS made sure our home was rented to discerning people who took care of it. Was there damage and wear and tear? Yes, but very minor and VPS usually discovered it and deducted it from the deposit. We recently sold the house, but 'would we use their services again?' An unabashed "Yes!"

- Bill Townsend, Homeowner Client, Los Angeles

"I've had my rental homes listed with Vacation Palm Springs for nearly 10 years. Their professionalism, attentiveness and customer service are unmatched. They have a friendly team always on hand to answer questions and to ensure my needs and the renters' needs are always met. Plus, it's important to me to be a part of a company with a terrific reputation that understands the importance of getting a great return on your dollar."

- David Jimenez, Homeowner Client, Kansas City

"The Vacation Palm Springs website is the most visited vacation rental site for homes in the Palm Springs area and I wouldn't even consider listing with another company. My houses rent consistently and I've been very pleased with the amount of rental income generated. As a result of their on-line presence, I know that my homes are getting a maximum exposure."

- Josiah S. Hamilton, - Homeowner Client

"I've just listed my property with your agency and within 24 hours, you already have a tenant, renting my home for 10 days! What a great way to start out our relationship!"

- Nancy Houchen, Los Angeles, Homeowner client

"We are thrilled with our rental income."

- Wendi Stefani, Portland, Homeowner client

"I began using the services of Vacation Palm Springs in 2002, and am extremely happy with their services... I highly recommend them. They understand very well how to market their services and bring in the customers and they've done much better at keeping my house booked than my previous agency."

- Philip van Allen, Palm Springs homeowner, Los Angeles

Top 10 Best Property Management Tips
for Your Palm Springs Desert Area Vacation Rental

What homes and condos make the best vacation rental properties?
Tips on how to prepare and furnish your Desert vacation home rental?

By Rob Kincaid, President Vacation Palm Springs Rental Agency

  1. Location and Privacy Really Matter. Choose a private home or condo that is well-located and very private. People love to rent properties that are private yet close to downtown Palm Springs, near Palm Desert's popular El Paseo or convenient to restaurants and attractions.
  2. Be Pet Friendly. Many people vacation with their pets and the Palm Springs Desert area is people and pet friendly. Welcoming pets at your vacation rental property will generate more business for you.
  3. Make it Green. Consider creating a big or small grassy lawn area because people want green grass even if it's synthetic turf.
  4. More bathrooms is better. A bathroom for each bedroom is a big plus.
  5. Views matter. Renters love to see big views of mountains, palm trees and swimming pools.
  6. Furnish with a balance of style and comfort. Guests prefer places to stay that have wow design appeal plus comfortable furnishings for relaxation.
  7. Supply the kitchen with every possible serving piece, cookware, flatware, utensil and small appliance. Renters have high expectations for complete kitchens and make use of them.
  8. Include an outdoor whirlpool spa, it's essential for all seasons.
  9. Landscape lighting for palm trees and poolside areas is really important to guests.
  10. Consider hiring a professional management for your vacation home. Doing so can make a huge difference in the amount of cash you can generate for your vacation home rental. It's California, afterall, and everyone needs an agent!
Rob Kincaid

Rob Kincaid is president of Vacation Palm Springs Rental Agency & Greater Palm Springs Realty Inc DRE 01524907, one of the Desert area's leading property management companies representing more than 325 vacation home rentals throughout Greater Palm Springs. You can reach Rob at or phone (760)778-7832

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