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Vacation Palm Springs Reviews + Ratings

Palm Springs Vacation Rentals

8,921 Reviews: Trusted & Verified
Updated: April 23, 2018

Palm Springs Rentals, Vacation Homes for Rent, click here for home & condo rentals in Palm Springs. Offering the leading selection of best quality Palm Springs Area Vacation Rentals, pool homes, condos, luxury and celebrity homes and best in class attentive service.

Vacation Palm Springs Reviews + Ratings

Here you will find more than 8,900 trusted & verified authentic guest reviews for Palm Springs vacation rentals, from guests who have stayed at each property - comments & reviews on service from Vacation Palm Springs - Palm Springs Rental Agency.

Felt Like Home   (4 of 5 Stars)

"The condo is well-furnished, with easy access to many attractions and amenities. No repair items to note, as the two incidents we encountered were dealt with promptly - thank you. Reservations staff were very efficient and professional. The property managers were very good. Courteous, pleasant and generally great service."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Mesquite Country Club Condo

by Terumi K. | Winnepeg, Manitoba |

Clean, Relaxing, Well-Equipped   (4 of 5 Stars)

"The house is clean, with great kitchen utensils and appliances. The backyard and pool are excellent! The barbeque is not hot enough. The TV in the master bedroom doesn't work. (Thank you for your feedback. The TV was found to be switched off, but it is working well. -Pam in property management). Cesar is great! He is prompt with getting us details, and very courteous."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Orange Crush

by Mike J. | Calgary, AB |

Almost Perfect House For 5 Persons!   (4 of 5 Stars)

"The home was clean and had comfortable furniture. Nothing really to improve. I will be back again at this home."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Via Puerta Azul Vacation Villa

by Seung jun Y. | Irvine, CA |

Tastefully Decorated Well Organized Home   (4 of 5 Stars)

"The pool was top quality. The garden was well organized and tidy. We particularly liked the tasteful decorations inside and all the interesting books. Parts of the house seem due for painting. Excellent service."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Mor-Sun

by Hjorleifur P. | Reykjavik, International |

Nice   (4 of 5 Stars)

"good location,nice clean home,flat screen tv's.However no views and unwieldy MBR headboard. Travis was very helpful."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Zen Garden Villa

by Antonio C. | Long Lake , Mn. |

Midcentury Sun   (3 of 5 Stars)

"Located in a great spot, comfortably furnished and appointed well, the house was very welcoming and easy to settle into. Listed as "Midcentury Sun", we didn't expect a house as dark as this--by early afternoon, lights were needed indoors. Sunny and bright outside, dark inside because of the way the house is situated on the lot. Very quiet spot, house was very comfortable. (Thank you for bringing this to our attention, with this house being so close to the mountain daylight is shortened, additional lighting will be added to the house for guests comfort - Property Management Team). Reservations: amazing. We "fell" into Vacation Palm Springs when a house we rented from Acme was cancelled, months after having been reserved and deposit taken. VPS staff were quick, responsive, thoroughly professional, and very helpful. Property Managers were very responsive to one issue we had with the property. VPS staff represents the company incredibly well."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Midcentury Sun

by Tim hanlon and A. | West Hollywood, CA |

Mesa   (5 of 5 Stars)

"clean well maintained, easy access to the city / airport. prompt service."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Casa La Mesa

by Chris H. | Okotoks, AB |

Cool Canyon Classic   (4 of 5 Stars)

"This property is classic midcentury in a great location with good views. The pool and hot tub were a lot of fun although see suggestions. It has a great layout and the 4th bedroom was detached, making a great place for a family member that wanted/needed a little more privacy Overall, this property was a bit rough around the edges. For our family, that was great, as we were able to relax a little bit in terms of not being overly concerned with damaging the place. However, with that said, it could use some updates: e.g. the fan in bath is LOUD, the dryer vent needs cleaning (mostly minor). The pool and hot tub, while very nice, needs some attention. The tiles are in disrepair and fall off into the water. This is certainly a safety hazard in terms of stepping on them.Lastly, the TV in the living room could use some adjusting interns of color.(Thank you for your comments regarding the property; repairs have been made regarding the fan and dryer vent. - The Property Management Team)"

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Cool Canyon Classic

by Joshua U. | Seattle, WA |

Very Comfortable   (4 of 5 Stars)

"We liked the convenience of each room to all areas of the yard +pool, and back to the rooms + living area (kitchen + living room). The master bedroom has only a 1/2 bath, which is very inconvenient, as it becomes the "common bath room". Not good when resting + thinking you are alone. There is a loud pipe+ noise when flushing in most of the bathrooms. The pipes in the master bathroom make a loud banging noise in other bedrooms. The CK pump for the fountain is also very loud. (Thank you for the feedback. We have notified the pool personnel and will inspect the equipment for the fountain and spa. -Tim in property management.) Reservations and property management staff were very nice."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Vista Morocco

by Herluf H. | Caruthers, CA |

Very Comfortable   (4 of 5 Stars)

"We loved the house, it was very comfortable. The hot water in the kitchen, powder room, and master bathroom with tub was not working well. The pool was too cold to use during our stay. The doors didn't slide well (need to be greased).(Thank you for your comments; the sliding doors have been adjusted for easier opening and the hot water concerns have been repaired, we apologize for the inconveniences - The Property Management Team)."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Casa Conejo

by Mary M. | Calgary, AB |

Great Experience - We'll Definitely Come Back   (5 of 5 Stars)

"The home is comfortable, light, spacious and clean! The pool is great and it's a good location. The wireless was a little difficult to get on (worked for Macs but not PCs). Also, we had trouble entering the home! The glass sliding door lock (by the fridge) is hard to lock/unlock. (Thank you for your valuable comments, the sliding door has been repaired - The Property Managment Team). This reservations and property management service was very good."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Hello Sunshine

by Ernie H. | Davis, CA |

Great   (4 of 5 Stars)

"The house itself was midcentury and the floorplan was GREAT! Hot Tub was easy to use and really nice. Reservation team here was awesome as usual."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Private Midcentury Escape

by Alexia F. | San Francisco, CA |

Great First Rental   (4 of 5 Stars)

"I was very specific in my search and the rental was accurately described and in good condition. No problems what so ever. Service was super....enough but not too much and was great that someone was available if needed."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Alexander Pool Villa

by Dan G. | Dallas, TX |

Perfect Vacation Rental!   (5 of 5 Stars)

"Nothing to complain about here. The house is a beautiful mid-century modern in a very nice quiet neighborhood. It's well appointed and comfortable with all we needed for a few relaxing days away with our dogs. The backyard was perfect. We have 2 miniature dachshunds and the yard was completely walled in so we didn't have to worry about them escaping. The spa was fantastic, we spent quite a bit of time lounging there. And the fire pit was very convenient to use and great to relax around in the evening. The TV and stereo setup is great and worked perfectly. We mainly used it to plug in our ipod/ipads to listen to our own music, but also used the DirectTV music channels some too. The wireless internet works perfectly, but it is a slow connection. Well less than 1M any time I checked via ... perfectly fine for casual vacation use ... but if you need anything more serious you'd need to bring your own. We loved this place and hope to come back again soon! We only had a couple things and they aren't really complaints. The internet connection was very slow. The wireless connection worked great, no issues there ... it's just very very slow. Fine for casual vacation use. But if we would have had to do any work while there it would have been a problem. But for the future we will know to be sure and bring our own wireless access if we need it. And we did not have any luck getting the pool heated enough to swim much. I did get in one afternoon but it was a little chilly. But that could have just been because of the relatively cool Palm Springs temps the week we were there. On the other hand, the hot tub was perfect! Incredibly smooth and easy rental experience. The fact that we had no need to even contact anyone says a lot! Loved being able to browse the rental properties on your website and read reviews then book and do everything online and via email. Simple, easy, and very efficient. All the instructions ---from booking and signing contracts, to directions to the property and how to get in the house, to documentation in the house about how to use everything and what to do upon checkout --- it was all concise and clear and easy to follow. Great job!"

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Poolside Modern Wexler

by Kevin M. | Oakland, Ca |

Very Very Nice   (5 of 5 Stars)

"The home was very spacious. Everything was nicely presented. Very "California." There was only 1 hair dryer. We purchased one and left it there. Portia was a pleasure to deal with."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Movie Colony Spanish Estate

by Carla S. | Panama City Beach, FL |

Cozy And Comfortable House   (4 of 5 Stars)

"This house was perfect for our family of four. It was cozy and comfortable. It was well-stocked with everything we needed. Loved the furnishings and decor of this mid-century house. The pool and jacuzzi were very inviting, the walled-in yard was private, and the neighborhood was peaceful. Beautiful view of the mountains. Some dish towels in the kitchen, or extra paper towels would have been helpful. Other than that, the house really was well-stocked. The reservation process was so easy! We booked on-line and received timely e-mails throughout the process."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Sun Sanctuary

by Amy S. | San Marcos, CA |

Great Location   (3 of 5 Stars)

"Since the home was located along Hwy 111 is was easy access to many ammenties, some even within walking distance. We loved the backyard that was set up with pool, spa and BBQ area. Thanks for the prompt service regarding the back shower repair, the serviceman was there within 3-4 hours to fix it."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: California Mission

by Allan and wanda O. | Bonnyville, AB |

Worked Wonderfully Well!   (5 of 5 Stars)

"Loved being within easy walking distance to downtown. Also loved access to the pool and hot tub. Great room worked perfectly for a hangout for our family. Cesar was helpful and responsive to work with prior to our arrival. Did not really need any assistance from any of the property managers while in the rental home."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Downtown Luxury Villa

by Sally M. | , |

Excellent Palm Springs condo for exploring and rel...   (4 of 5 Stars)

"Comfortable accommodations for 10, with 3 kitchens and sleeping quarters, and a shared pool. All my interactions were terrific, and the staff were quick to respond to inquiries and even called proactively to ensure we had all we needed."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Mesquite Vacation Retreat

by Ian R. | West Vancouver, BC |

Family Retreat On The Gary Player   (5 of 5 Stars)

"One of the best features of this house is the dining room table that holds 11 chairs. Lots of privacy for sleeping and a large common area for an extended family reunion. Another hot water tank is required to service the master bath and kitchen. It took 20 minutes to get hot water from these locations and in the desert, this is undesireable.(Thank you for bringing this to our attention; there is a hot water recirculating pump that brings hot water throughout the house almost instantly, which we are sending maintenance out to check - Scott in Property Management). Pam, our manager was extremely professional and helpful at a moments notice. She is very attentive and the perfect personality for the position. The total experience from beginning to end was easy peasy with no dramas."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Mission Hills Golf Retreat

by Cynthia W. | , CA |

Fabulous Setting, Great Amenities   (5 of 5 Stars)

"Great family retreat. The home has terrific bedding, showers, and TV's. One shade in the kitchen doesn't raise. (Thank you for your feedback. The shades have been replaced. Thank you! -Pam in property management)"

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Kiss of the Mermaid

by Neil S. | Fayetteville, AR |

Vacation Palm Springs Is The Way To Go!   (5 of 5 Stars)

"if you've ever been to Palm Springs, or Never been to Palm Springs, Vacation Palm Springs is the way to go! We loved the swimming pool, the yard, the fruit trees, and the layout of the home. We would recommend a few kitchen upgrades, like sharper kitchen knives, and a working blender. I think it would be a nice idea to just have a few basics around, like flour and sugar, so guests don't have to buy those, because they generally only need a little bit. The lighting is not good. (Thank you for the great feedback! We will follow up on the issues with the lighting. The blender has been replaced at the home. -Pam in property management) The reservations team was awesome. I believe we booked through Sergio and Cesar, and both were very pleasant and helpful. I would absolutely recommend this company! Kelly was a really great help in fixing the pool heater. He came by and was just as polite and helpful."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Old Orchid Tree Villa

by Joleena B. | Calgary, AB |

Picture Perfect    (5 of 5 Stars)

"The house is gorgeous, sparklingly new and clean, dream kitchen and master suite. Perfect for 4 couples with lots of space to be together or separate. I cannot imagine anything more spectacular. It's so new and so well appointed. Absolutely recommend this house and this company without any hesitation. Service here is 100% plus. I'm a pretty demanding person and I cannot even imagine wanting more."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Las Palmas Serenity

by Ann H. | Pasadena, Ca |

Triology: Oasis In The Desert   (5 of 5 Stars)

"We liked the views of the mountains, the layout and quality of the home. The size of the home was great for our family, and the kitchen was excellent! We appreciated the laundry facilities, the separate casita, and the pool & spa. Sergio, Nate, Pam and Scott were all excellent to work with."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: Luxury Living at Trilogy

by Tamsen A. | San Francisco, CA |

Palm Springs New Year's 2012   (3 of 5 Stars)

"It easily accommodated us and my sister's family. It was in a good location - very central to the things we wanted to do. It would have been nice to have little things - like coffee filters provided for the coffee pot. Reservation process was good. We had to get the property manager out on the first night and he came promply and fixed our issues."

Vacation Palm Springs Home: The Tony Curtis Estate

by Rachelle M. | Regina, SK |

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