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Vacation Palm Springs Reviews + Ratings

Palm Springs Vacation Rentals

8,710 Reviews: Trusted & Verified
Updated: February 18, 2018

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Vacation Palm Springs Reviews + Ratings

Here you will find more than 8,700 trusted & verified authentic guest reviews for Palm Springs vacation rentals, from guests who have stayed at each property - comments & reviews on service from Vacation Palm Springs - Palm Springs Rental Agency.

Down Time Comfort   (3 of 5 Stars)

"The home is very well supplied. The neighborhood very quiet. A nice place to spend some down time! The staff has been great, attending to every inquiry in good time."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Dorrie M. | Cochrane, AB |

Great--but....   (4 of 5 Stars)

"Loved the home. Each couple had their own room and bath. The pool area was lovely and very functional. Outdoor dining area with view was exceptional. Vacation Palm Springs staff was very pleasant and I appreciated having someone to call. This is our second year as a group and we'd like to come back."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Rosann C. | St. Paul, MN |

A Little "too Vintage" For Our Tastes   (3 of 5 Stars)

"The yard front and back very private and beautiful. The home itself, while attractive, is quite old with very out of date windows and wiring. I think the home is too dark and dim. It is not modernized. It is a nice lot, and surprisingly quiet for being so close to Ramon Rd. But I'd rather rent an thoroughly modernized house next time. We did like the wrap around yard that we sat out front and back, depending on time of day. The personel answered my calls and questions promptly. Everyone was consistently polite."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Gary S. | Rice Lake, WI |

Sunny Palm Springs   (4 of 5 Stars)

"Enjoyed the tennis, spa, and pools. No real suggestions, the condo was clean and comfortable, just too small for our needs. (not your fault) Justin/Nate in your reservations department made the process easy, and professional."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Douglas D. | Liberty Lake, WA |

Sun Cabana   (5 of 5 Stars)

"We enjoyed our time and the home very much. The layout fit our needs. The towels, kitchen supplies, appliances, rooms and bathrooms were all very clean and in good working condition. The pool was obviously the attraction to renting this home and it did not disappoint."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Brian C. | La Jolla, CA |

Great Property Needs Some Attention To Details   (3 of 5 Stars)

"The grounds were beautiful and certainly live up to the pictures. The reservation team was excellent as always. They were very prompt to have people come out when needed and always professional. Great service! You guys are terrific."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Hart L. | Atlanta, GA |

Nice Style   (4 of 5 Stars)

"Nice layout, comfortable backyard, and good office space. This home was ready to go as soon as we arrived and we instantly adapted to the area. Worked with Nate and Portia briefly. Nate was very patient in helping us find the right place to rent."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Morgan D. | Carlsbad, CA |

Easy Breezy   (5 of 5 Stars)

"The exterior is spralling and user-friendly. Great layout, and just the right furnishings for your needs. Fun, different areas to enjoy inside and out. Your team was friendly and helpful."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Charlotte T. | Culver City, CA |

Easy Breezy   (5 of 5 Stars)

"The exterior is spralling and user-friendly. Great layout, and just the right furnishings for your needs. Fun, different areas to enjoy inside and out. Your team was friendly and helpful."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Charlotte T. | Culver City, CA |

Old Hollywood   (5 of 5 Stars)

"We had an excellent experience. The spanish Hideaway had many area for sitting and relaxing. Great conversational areas."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Lewis C. | Fresno, CA |

Modern Comfy Retreat   (5 of 5 Stars)

"The layout is great. The furnitshings are comfy and the house is well appointed. The reservation team was helpful in answering our questions. The property management team did drop off the AA batteries we needed for the house for remotes and the outdoor clock."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Ron C. | Sammamish, WA |

Very Nice House   (4 of 5 Stars)

"We liked the spacious floor plan. The picture of the pool must have been photo shopped, because the pool appeared to be the size of the backyard. In reality the pool was 8 x 15 in size. Very nice service from the rental company."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Mike H. | Cedar Park, TX |

Desert Vacation Paradise   (5 of 5 Stars)

"The house was better than we expected - very clean and comfortable. Everything worked except the shower in the bedroom on the main floor. We could not get hot water to work there. The pool area was great. And we loved the views. Also, we were happy to have a very quiet area. The kitchen was very well stocked with modern appliances and we enjoyed having all our meals there. You should mention that this property is not good for elderly or handicapped people. The grandparents had a little trouble getting around. I am not sure who I worked with. I think it was Nate, and he was very helpful."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Barbara C. | Fullerton, CA |

Winter 2010   (4 of 5 Stars)

"The house was all it was advertised to be. We liked it very much, enough to re-rent for next year. The home was well set up, clean, ready to use. Very nice property. I'd recommend it to others. Your team was polite and easy to work with. I found them responsive to our needs, except for the frig incident."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by William H. | St Paul, MN |

Great For Get-togethers Or Couples Weekend   (5 of 5 Stars)

"The experience was great. Nicely appointed; kitchen well stocked. Beautiful pool and backyard area with many chaise lounge chairs. Nice layout- lots of public spaces which was great with a group of 8 women. Loved the bar area in the family room. Would like directions to hook up ipod - never could get it to work. It would be nice it the jacuzzi and pool could be heated at the same time. Needed more toilet paper and paper towels. Otherwise, everything was great."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Dana R. | Evanston, IL |

Spring Break Adventure   (5 of 5 Stars)

"The house was great!! We loved the indoor/ outdoor quality of the space. The bedrooms were all well designed and comfortable. The kitchen was open and mostly well equiped. The pool was great. The hot tub was not heated until we called and the jets didn't work at all."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by John R. | Portland, OR |

Perfect Getaway Weekend   (5 of 5 Stars)

"The accommodations were exactly what we were looking for. My brother flew in from North Carolina and the group of us wanted a relaxing weekend to watch basketball and enjoy the sun. Your property was exactly what we were hoping for. The floor plan and the setup was great for our group and the location with the pool and the yard was outstanding. There have not been any issues at all with the reservations team or property management. Any and all questions were addressed and answered promptly."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Brian G. | Los Angeles, CA |

Luxurious Contemporary Hideaway   (5 of 5 Stars)

"Over all, we loved this house and would like to rent it again. We loved the contemporary style, all of the space, the decor Justin was very helpful in making the reservation."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Joan E. | Morgan Hill, CA |

Dissapointing   (1 of 5 Stars)

"The house NEEDS an MAJOR overhaul! I do not think it should be rented until the homeowner takes care of this!!! As far as PET FRIENDLY it is NOT! The gate to side yard is broken and fence around yard has been patched to many times and there are MANY holes for pets to excape through!! Overall A BIG MESS!!! As a management team....You NEED to make this home owner comply to updating this house and property BEFORE you rent it out again!!!"

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Jeffery M. | Denver, CO |

Would Rent Again   (4 of 5 Stars)

"Home was well funished and in a quiet neighborhood. We found the kitchen to be well equipt and cooked many meals there. The pool was perfect, not huge but plenty big for a family of four. The chairs in the shallow end were great to read in. The only downside to the back is a lack of privacy with the botanical garden behind the house. Since the botanical garden is elevated, guests can look over the fence into the pool area. Another row of hedge plants needs to be added. The dryer in the kitchen needs to be fixed. It has been brought to your attention more than once. (Note from homeowner: a second dryer has been purchased for the home.)"

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Michelle H. | Bend, OR |

Beautiful Getaway   (5 of 5 Stars)

"Wonderful, spacious accomodations, beautiful pool and deck and lounge area. Fabulous, quiet neighborhood bordering the desert. GORGEOUS! Attentive, helpful, gracious service. :-)"

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by John E. | Colorado Springs, CA |

Outside: Great. Inside: Depressing.    (2 of 5 Stars)

"The Outside space was great! But found the inside decorations/displays of personal, religious, historical stuff depressing, including some art pieces. Felt some of the artifacts and art/design very personal and not my taste. Would not rent this same house again. Basically, this home seems far to personal for rental vacation property and I believe their taste is unique. Property managers great. Very much enjoyed our previous four years. Sunny Elegance, Villa San Lorenzo, and others."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Barbara Z. | Bellevue, WA |

Beautiful, Scenic Mountain Views   (5 of 5 Stars)

"problem free, peaceful, quiet. Suggestion: need 2 outdoor umbrellas for shade. good service. no problems at all."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Dianne E. | Portland, OR |

Visually Entertaining!   (5 of 5 Stars)

"It takes a lot for me to say that I was totally relaxed. I was totally carefree and felt very comfortable with my surroundings. The house was exactly as I imagined. Perfect in so many ways. The temperature of the air and water in the pool....superb! The layout, furniture and lighting in the house was right-on. I'm just crossing my fingers that If the house does sell, the new owners will continue renting out. Better yet, I should buy the house!"

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Richard C. | San Francisco, CA |

Not Good   (2 of 5 Stars)

"I left quite a bit of feedback by phone and on the document in the packet on the kitchen counter in the house but I wanted to follow up and let you know about our experience. I was really shocked. The homes I've rented from you for years now have been just beautiful, sometimes simple, but clean and comfortable. This past weekend was not good. I couldn't believe it, with the quality of homes we have been used to with Vacation Palm Springs. The homes we usually rent were not available this trip and I thought I'd give this house a try. I always bring my parents who are in their late 80s. This trip this house was so bad, we just packed up early and left on check out day. I left other comments, but thought you'd be interested in the ones that really stuck out for us. And, by the way, the staff and property managers were SO nice and apologetic. You really have such a wonderful company - I think I finally happened on a bad house. Here's a list of issues that you were probably not aware of: bathroom mirror had fallen and broken the toilet paper holder off the wall; master bathroom towel rack fell off; all towels that were hung throughout the house were wet; front door bell didn't work shower head broken; pool very dirty (walls and bottom not brushed; leaves and dirt in the pool); internet was intermittent and we constantly lost connection; light switch for overhead lights in the bedroom turned off outlets, so cell phones didn't get recharged (might want to warn renters) ; sprinklers are set to water the cars in the driveway (might want to warn renters) ;refrigerator buzzed sporadically and it sounded like and alarm was going off (the doors were closed) ; water pipes were noisy (might want to check them - they were really noisy; sounded like someone was dropping bowling balls on the roof; could not easily use the closet in the room with twin beds."

Vacation Palm Springs Home:

by Peggy M. | Los Angeles, CA |

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